Shades of Gray: Interpreting Canine & Feline Dental Radiographs

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Purchase the bundle and save! Featuring board-certified veterinary dentist Dr. Cindy Charlier, these 2 convenient on-demand courses were developed to kick-start the clinic staff new to dental radiography as well as enhance the diagnostic expertise of the seasoned user. Objective Statement:  Full mouth intraoral radiographs are required to properly diagnose and treat oral disease.  At the end of this online video the participant will be able to interpret canine and feline dental radiographs, identifying normal anatomy and radiographic signs of periodontal disease, endodontic disease, tooth resorption, osseous lesions, and developmental issues.    Course Outline: Introduction to Tooth Anatomy Orientation of Dental Radiographs Normal anatomy dental radiographs Radiographic Signs of Diseases Periodontal Disease Endodontic Disease Tooth Resorption Osseous Lesions Aggressive Oral Masses Non Aggressive Oral Masses What’s Your Diagnosis Case based interpretation of dental radiographs 4.5 hours CE


Shades of Gray - Interpreting Feline Dental Radiographs

Type:   eLearning
Keyword: feline interpretation x-ray dental

Shades of Gray - Interpreting Canine Dental Radiographs

Type:   eLearning
Keyword: Dental radiography canine interpretation